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December 20, 2013
20 Dec 2013

Are you a candidate for Supportive Sleep Coaching?

XMAS2014v3I regularly offer Infant Sleep Shaping seminars to new parents curious to learn more about baby sleep.  Last month I was at Smock Café, and Toronto Yoga Mamas meeting lots of fantastic parents and babies. The energy in the room is often a cocktail of oxytocin-steeped-love, sleepiness, and some healthy excitement and anxiety.

This is also the venue where parents rightfully ask questions like, “Is it wrong to be nursing my baby to sleep?” or “Am I really messing things up because I let my baby nap on me all the time?”

My response?  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.   There are no mistakes to be made if whatever you are doing is working to get you and your baby some sleep – especially in the early days.

However, not all expert sleep advice is misguided.  Supportive Sleep Coaching makes people’s lives better (both big and small) when things are not working. Last week this email landed in my inbox from a single mom with a 10 month old girl who had just embarked on Supportive Sleep Coaching:

 “Catherine, I wish I called you 3 months ago, I am a different person and everyone at the drop-in says my daughter is too.  She laughs and smiles more.”

How would you know if your family is a good candidate for Supportive Sleep Coaching?

  • You have a 6-month baby (or older) who is waking frequently at night and having trouble resettling.
  • Bedtime is routinely a drawn out process, or fraught with tears or lots of protesting.
  • Your baby is 6 months or older and has very unpredictable routines around sleep.
  • You feel your baby or child is chronically not getting enough restorative sleep during the day or at night.
  • You’ve made sacrifices to accommodate your baby or child’s sleep but are now so exhausted your day-to-day life is affected and you’re not sure about the best way forward.
  • You have multiple children and are struggling to find peaceful routines around helping them to sleep in a way that works for your family.
  • Your baby is no longer a newborn but you are all sleeping like he is.
  • You simply want support around creating new routines for the way your family sleeps.

My guilt-free pass to better sleep is valid for any parent with a baby or child 5 months to 3 years of age, looking to make healthy changes around sleep.

Because January is a perfect (and popular) time to make changes around sleep, I’m gifting the first 7 parents who contact me for Supportive Sleep Coaching, or Infant Sleep Shaping, 15% off of my services.  Offer starts January 1, 2014!

Lots of cozy holiday wishes to your family from me.

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