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November 21, 2012
21 Nov 2012

I’m Talking About Intuition Ignition

Catherine WrightGreetings all,

Recently a friend told me she dumped a box of the baby sleep books she’d read, dog-eared and re-read, out on the sidewalk in front of her Parkdale home.  She stuck a note on it reading:  “Free! Beware of what you might find.”  I thought this was awesome.   This lady knows how to listen to herself.  And I think this is really important.

How do you know when to ditch a well-intentioned piece of advice from an expert or friend?

As I’ve been fine-tuning my Birth & Baby Planning sessions, this is something that I keeps coming up.  As new parents we can find ourselves paralyzed or floundering among piles of information, sorting out what to assimilate into our lives and what to kick to the curb.  At the end of the day, there are as many styles of sippy cups out there as species of insects.

I keep asking myself how can we (with relative ease) manage conflicting advice and information overload?

Intuition!  Where are you?  The ability to acquire knowledge without inference and/or the use of reason… it provides us with beliefs that we cannot justify in every case.

Why is this important? Because our inner wisdom is something we can’t buy on Amazon.com or borrow from a friend.  It’s our very own – and offers each of us its unique textures, sensations, and tricky disguises.  It is also extremely useful for charting the many contentious issues parenthood hands us, and life in general.

As parents we will exercise our intuition muscle until it busts a seam on our shirt, but there will be particular days or issues where our inner insight has seemingly evaporated.

Here is how I know I’m NOT using my intuition:

  • I struggle with something – an idea, action or plan – trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole – I get frustrated, clammy even.
  • I continuously turn various ideas over and over again in my head, in a way that  makes me feel like I’m spinning out.
  • I feel the answer in my body – like flip or a buzz or a glow in my belly, and I switch it off and turn to my rational self for the solution.

How do you know when your intuition is a ready sword or when it’s lying dusty in the corner?

Try sharpening your intuition for one day:

Take notice of how you know when your intuition is ignited. It can be as simple as how you decide which pear is the most worthy in the bin at Loblaws, or as important as when to pull the trigger and rush your fevered baby to the after hours clinic.  I believe this is something we all get good at, lose for a while, and then hone again.

Let me know what you find…I would love to know.





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  1. Amy Yates says:

    I love getting new information and ideas, but I like even better when I can give myself permission to kick it to the curb.
    Sometimes my intuition tells me the complete opposite of what my “rational self” would tell me, or something that I would not expect, and it’s hard to follow it. But the more you hone it, the more you know to trust yourself. That’s a wonderful goal.

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