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May 7, 2013
07 May 2013

Infant Sleep Shaping Seminar at Lil’ Bean N’ Green

For new parents seeking a grasp on healthy infant sleep, right from the start.

Parents with babies 0-5 months welcome! Come share and learn…


With Cert. Sleep Consultant  (Sleep Geek), Catherine Wright



Thursday May 23, 10:30-12pm 

 Lil’ Bean n’ Green, 1133 Queen St E.    

 $25/couple or $15/person



• What are your experiences and challenges around sleep right now?

• Explore the key developmental stages that affect infant sleep.

• Learn how some families dodge common sleep struggles down the road.

• Help your baby learn to ride the sleepy wave by reading his sleepy cues and ‘happy’

   wake windows.

• Discover what makes an ideal sleep environment for your baby.

• Creative coping in the face of mind-numbing sleep debt.

• Sleep resources package + 30% off any of Motherhand’s Sleep Solutions services.

Please contact Catherine to register:

416-897-2430 or catherine@motherhand.com



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