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October 25, 2012
25 Oct 2012

Win a Massage at Sunny Mummy Spa!

All new and savvy Mums and Dads – Contest ends Monday December 3!

What’s your favourite person, place or thing that saved you in your first year of parenthood? I’m building a guide for new parents and I need your help. Some examples:  a meet-up group, drop-in centre, after hours clinic, an awesome website, book, or some fancy or not-so-fancy baby product.  Anything!

Here’s what to do to enter and win:

  1. Go to my homepage (scroll down to bottom) and sign up for my newsletter
  2. Visit my facebook page at www.facebook.com/MotherhandTO and Like It!
  3. Email me one invaluable resource that saved you in your first year of having a baby

For every person who follows these 3 steps, I will enter you into a draw to win a massage at Sunny Mummy Spa & Boutique.  Dads are welcome at Sunny Mummy (of course).  Your odds are quite good I might add!

Please pass this on to any new Mom or Dad friend. Good luck and thanks for supporting me, Motherhand and other new parents!


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